Areas of Interest

The Colby Foundation places priority on innovative programs, projects and organizations that have a meaningful impact on the unmet needs of underserved children, adults and families in the greater Chattanooga area. We encourage programs that are addressing the root causes of poor outcomes in the Foundation’s interest areas:

  • Education

    Programs that break the cycle of poverty
    Early childhood through post-secondary
    Exclusion: no support for individuals

  • Healthcare

    Health equity

  • Community Needs

    Hunger and food insecurity
    Other acute needs

The Foundation seeks to encourage collaboration among nonprofit organizations, funders, public initiatives and leaders. The Foundation’s Directors attend site visits and hear presentations from nonprofits by invitation only.

Types of Support

The Colby Foundation provides operating and program/project support. Generally, the Foundation will not make grants to support capital projects and campaigns; nor will the Foundation make grants to individuals.